Ruth Phillips is a dynamic insurance professional whom is equally gifted at teaching insurance concepts from beginner to advanced. I attended her most recent insurance seminar in the BVI and I was blown away by the content that was presented. I was able to quickly apply what she taught and within 3 months I was able to receive additional assignments to other insurance lines of business with my current employer. I highly recommend Ruth Phillips for any Insurance Training.

Trevaughn SmithTortola, BVI

I attended the workshop, it was very lively, interesting and the wealth of information was provided in a way that anyone can grasp.

 Brian L.Corporate Trust Professional

I had an amazing experience at the Insurance Professional Training Workshop that was held on September 2018. This workshop was dynamic and inspiring; I was motivated and encouraged to develop more skills as a Customer Service Representative. Booklets were put together for members of the workshop to read and follow. We were given the opportunity to give our feedback and ask questions relating to the presentation. The presentation was excellent; different mediums were used to aid with the presentation and teaching. Inspiring videos were presented and Mrs. Phillip expounded and ensured that we understood how to apply what was taught to our daily working activities. At the end of the workshop, we received our certificate of completion. I left knowing that I made the right choice by signing up to do this workshop. Mrs. Phillip’s workshops are always interactive, innovative and dynamic; she is truly a one of a kind revolutionary teacher who challenges the monotony of understanding different aspects of insurance.

Shanna HuceyCustomer Service Representative

I can confirm that I attended the Insurance Professional training session conducted by Ruth
Phillips in September of 2018. Ruth Phillips was very insightful and energetic in her presentation
of the material which was topical and useful for persons new to the industry and those who have
worked in the industry for some time. I look forward to future training sessions.

Selina O’NealDirector - Creque’s Insurance Agency Ltd.(BVI)

My experience at the workshop ( Invest in yourself series for professional insurance
development) held by Ruth Phillips on September 30th, 2018 was a very informative session. The
delivery was clear and concise, the handbook is a very useful material that I use in my daily
work. The training had a great impact on my life which motivates me to learn more and be very
enthusiastic about insurance.

Denisher GayleCustomer Service Representative of ICWI.

I am a veteran life insurance professional and a life member of the Prestigious Million Dollar
Round Table. In my long career I have heard many outstanding presenters all over the world, I
attended a presentation by Ms. Ruth Phillips in September of 2018, and I was pleasantly
surprised to see how well she delivered her presentation for someone so young. She's very
knowledgeable and did a good job of imparting that knowledge to her audience.

Alphonso WarnerC.E.O. - Alphonso Warner Insurance Agency 

The host Mrs. Ruth Phillip was an amazing teacher. I say teacher because she taught the
importance of Insurance and revived the love for the industry in the hearts of many. Mrs. Ruth
Phillips is an inspiring motivator and the role she is playing is very much relevant for the
advancement of the industry. I was challenged and inspired being a part of this retreat and I
look forward to another retreat of development. All the best to team Brite-Inovision

Evon Rogers

The professional retreat was very relaxing, fun! and educational. I learnt a lot, especially about
my field of customer service. I definitely will be using what I've learnt and put it into action. Also, I
would like to add that the speaker, Mrs. Phillip was very clear. I grasped a lot of information I
didn’t know about insurance and I am looking forward to more training like this in the future

Sheniqua Christopher